We at ProEffect Business Solutions are business software specialists that specialize in cloud based business information systems and IT consulting.  Our Flagship product is The ProEffect Business essentials suite which is an all-in-one virtual office system that gives access to a virtual phone system, document management system, electronic fax system, inner office chat, and web conferencing.  The ProEffect Business Essentials Suite also offers many other features such as group calendars, web based voicemail, voice & SMS broadcast messages, file sharing, callforwarding, unlimited phone extensions, and much more.   The base package to subscribe to The ProEffect Business Essentials Suite is $110 per month and there are many coupon codes out there that allow additional savings on the subscription price.   We have yet to find a web based solution that offers all of these features in one package.  If a business were to purchase these services a la carte they would spend close to $600 per month.   Ultimately The ProEffect Business Essentials Suite allows you to access your business from anywhere whether you are a home based business, small business, business owner or high level executive.  ProEffect Business Solutions also offers software integration and customized applications for businesses.  The ProEffect Business Essentials Suite will allow members of organizations the ability to collaborate more efficiently, decrease expenses, and increase Revenue.  The ProEffect Business Essentials Suite offers cutting edge technology that gives ALL businesses the advantage to compete in a technology based environment.  What this means is a small business can now afford to have the technology of a Fortune 500 Company.