Dr. Elhais, with his vast legal expertise spanning family, arbitration, banking, commercial, company, criminal, inheritance, labour, and maritime law, is dedicated to providing top-tier legal solutions. As a member of a proficient team at Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy in Dubai, they offer comprehensive legal advice across the UAE, upholding the utmost standards of integrity, confidentiality, and discretion.

Having initially established himself in criminal and public law, Dr. Elhais relocated to Dubai in 2006, furthering his legal journey. Since then, he has been instrumental in elevating Awatif Mohammad Shoqi Advocates & Legal Consultancy, aiming to position it amongst the UAE's premier law firms. As one of the firm's top legal consultants, Dr. Elhais emphasizes transparency in legal processes and the fee structure, reflecting his strong ethical foundation.

His prowess is evident in his growth as a legal advisor, specializing in drafting claims, memos, and offering litigation consultation. He has overseen numerous cases across diverse legal domains over the past decade.

Beyond his firm, Dr. Elhais has graced international platforms in countries like France, Germany, Japan, and more, sharing insights on real estate, family law, business administration, and other pertinent topics.

His academic accolades include training with the Law Society of England and Wales, a diploma in private law encompassing shariah, philosophy of laws, litigation, commercial, and civil law, a Master's Degree in Law attained in 2015, and a PhD in Law in 2019.