Engine Bay Floors has partnered with nationally known, established manufacturers of concrete floor resurfacing materials. Each and every product we use has been designed and tested to meet the rigid demands of today's fire stations. We've placed our reputation on these outstanding floor resurfacing materials, so you confidently park your apparatus on them for decades to come.  
The true strength of Engine Bay Floors lies in the expertise of our floor resurfacing installation teams. Using the latest equipment and proven installation techniques, our craftsmen install a concrete floor resurfacing masterpiece with old- school dedicated work ethic seldom seen within our industry. Our ongoing improvement training programs and mutual aid safety guidelines guarantee our compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations to undertake and complete any concrete floor resurfacing job.

Upon completion of your concrete floor resurfacing project, the visual and functional transformation to your fire station will be astounding. Your concrete floor resurfacing project will immediately instill a sense of pride within the membership and community in which they serve. We offer the most comprehensive customer protection package available today which includes up to a 10 - year, no questions asked warranty on selected floor resurfacing systems.

Engine Bay Floors. You protect the people; we'll protect the floors with outstanding concrete floor resurfacing installations.