floofee.com is the original, patent-pending, interactive, online, hand-drawn hair design website that is 'the start of great style.'  Our clients are called 'floofee girls'  who interact with floofee.com by answering the floofee 'Consult for Results' questionnaire, upload their photo and submit.  That's when our team of floofee hair designers creates hair styles unique to the floofee girl's answers. The custom-drawn hair plan is sent back via email so the floofee girl can print out her hair plan and bring it to one of our FAST Style Network hair stylists, to be used as a visual aid, like a magazine picture or hair style book.

Our FAST Style Network are the "floofee approved stylist team" of hair stylists who are endorsed by floofee.  Floofee sends client referrals to the team of floofee hair stylists in the FAST Style Network, who welcome floofee girls with their custom-drawn hair styles and hairplans.  For less than .55 a day a stylist can be listed on the FAST Style Network.

floofee.com sets the online standard for innovative hair design in the beauty industry. Why settle for plopping a hair style on your picture when floofee goes a step further by personally interacting with you, to professionally custom hand-draw a new hair design at an affordable price point, for your face, hair type and lifestyle.  

So we want to know: are you a 'FAST' girl or a 'floofee girl'?