Energy Concerns Luminaire & Supply Co., Ltd of China provides LED retrofit bulbs, strip lights (flexible and rigid), tube lights (Led fluorescent and display tube) worldwide, for architectural, commercial, residential, retail merchandising display, hospitality, industrial applications. Our mission is to bring creative, energy efficient solid state lighting products to the communities in the world. We base our lighting tooling and productions on innovative and stylish fixtures, main chips and components quality. You’ll find our good selections of diverse, attractive, and high quality LED lighting products in our manufacturing categories.

The company features one of its long-term established products of LED MR16 and PAR light series, and power GX53 lamp, with improved heat sink style and body construction, ready to replace the traditional halogen lamps. Besides that, our company also focus on LED tube lights for retail merchandising display cases and under-the-cabinet illumination, with engineering support in US, and manufacturing facility in China. LED flexible and rigid strip lights are also our successful product lines since 2007. Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified. It is our pleasure to be quality off-shore manufacturing facility of your firm. Our experienced OEM and ODM LED lighting product design and manufacturing professionals are concentrated on reducing overhead and increasing productivity for your firm.