Specialist Education Services is a forward-looking company with high aspirations and an inspiring vision about how to meet the learning and care needs of children with severe and complex behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, and specific learning difficulties. These children invariably need residential care and education within a 52 week placement, have a statement of special educational needs and are deemed to be "Looked After Children".

We adopt a "no limits" philosophy. This means that the adults in our residential care and specialised education establishments have a passionate conviction that all our children are able to achieve. We are optimistic about success and accept no restriction on what is possible with the young people who are in our care and whose education is in our hands.

Bespoke, personalised specialised education and care are hallmarks of our operation, based on a positive psychology perspective that underpins our values.
Our values are:

we believe in success not failure
we believe in being inclusive not exclusive
we believe intelligence is multifaceted
we believe assessment of progress is based on improvements on 'previous best' - the sky's the limit
we believe learning is a lifelong process not a once and for all issue
we believe in a 'can do' philosophy
we are future orientated
We have a similar "no limits" philosophy when it comes to the development of adults working for SES Ltd. We firmly believe that anyone appointed to a post at any level could one day be a Director of the company.

"When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change."
(Dr. Wayne Dyer, an internationally renowned author and
speaker in the field of self-development)