Paul Olsen, author of "Star Trek: Creating the Enterprise," who airbrushed all the pearl detail on the original Enterprise for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" in 1979 now heads up Project Enterprise with Richard Winn Taylor who designed the Enterprise, and Jim Dow who built that iconic, beautiful Starship to rebuild her and give her back to the fans.

Paramount sold off the damaged original into private hands, leaving Star Trek without it's most revered and recognized icon, which is a cinematic travesty. Paul & Co want to redress this terrible turn of events and rebuild the Enterprise by the original team who created her in the first place, but this time 50% larger and 200% more beautiful. They alone have the provenance and cache to do so and want recreate their beauty while they are still alive and kicking!

This is a huge project and requires substantial funds to launch, and to that end Paul has created Project Enterprise that offers fans superb and unique premiums for donations of varying amounts. The levels range from $20 for an ebook copy of Paul's book to $3000 for all the collectibles, unlimited VIP access to every event where the Enterprise appears forever, plus a full day actually working on the Enterprise with the team, followed by dinner.

Nichelle Nichols has graciously become official spokesperson for Project Enterprise, and Paul is hoping to bring Walter Koenig, George Takei, William Shatner, Rod Roddenberry, and NASA on board as well.

Nichelle will unveil the Enterprise in its 3D virtual reality display designed by Richard at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in a spectacular, world-wide premier event that will eclipse all that has gone before, employing state-of-the-art laser, sound, and theatrical environmental techniques.

Paul urges all Star Trek fans to participate by donating, in return for valuable one-of-a-kind premiums any fan would love to own. By helping the team, they are helping themselves and can feel proud for doing their bit to bring the much-loved Starship Enterprise back to the fans.

Paul guarantees that the finished Enterprise will tour the world for centuries so fans across the planet will have a chance to see her up close and personal, and that she will never fall into private hands.

For complete details, please visit http://projectenterprise.space