Founded in 2007, Specialised Management Group (SMG) is a leading provider of Specialised Consulting and Methodology, Six Sigma and professional Project and Process Management training.  Based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), our services extend across three continents, from the Middle East to North Africa and Asia.

With more than 60 years of intellectual capacity in Project and Process Management, our team recognises the need for quality and bespoke service within the unique markets encountered.

The company is a globally Registered Education Provider (REP®) through the Project Management Institute PMI®.

Working Across All Levels
We deliver results and in doing so, the ‘footprint’ of competence and capability.  This could be as basic as introducing project management tools and techniques to new managers or as complex as assisting a company’s transition onto a true project-based organisation.  

At SMG, we work with senior management at leading organisations in tackling strategic and tactical development challenges.  SMG specialists design, structure and deliver, with the client, the appropriate Specialist Consulting or Methodology service, or Project or Process Management Training.  Our emphasis on professional Project and Process Management means consistent, cross-functional project management application at all levels.

Our Differentiation
At SMG, our fresh, dynamic and flexible attitude combined with best-of-breed practices has ensured our clientele of an effective and efficient transformation of competence and capability.  Our commitment to professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction means that “we deliver results; not just a service”.

It is our firm belief that through attentive service and ongoing communication, we earn our clients’ trust.  Through this, we have maintained strong and lasting relationships with our business partners and clientele.

Specialist Team & Quality of Collaboration = Sterling Reputation
Our team of specialists, both international and local, recognise that while a team is made up of individuals, we work most effectively when we work as one. Through open discussion, collaborative effort and the integration of world-class practices of bespoke solutions we own the delivery of what we do.  This has gained loyalty and trust from our client and supplier base.