Certified Professional Life Coaches International offers a new, yet familiar spin on Life Coaching. We make ourselves available to you in every way possible so that you can get one-on-one attention when you need it most. Our Premier Life Coach: Karin Karimah, is a Certified, Accredited and Recognized ACSTH Life Coach who is caring, confidential, and heartfully values her clients.

Life Coaching can be beneficial for anyone seeking a better outlook on life by providing guidance for relationships, career path guidance, family and children, teenage issues, and mentoring for those who may feel like they are fighting a losing battle to stay afloat with their self confidence.

A Life Coach can provide the guidance that is needed to get people on the right track with their marriage, on the right track with their career, on the right track with their family, and many other areas of life.

Karin makes herself available to clients over the internet, phone, or in person, so that they can get the attention that is needed without having to wait on a long list. Some people who are ready to seek help, find that they have to be put on a long waiting list to see a counselor, and that is just one area where a Life Coach can be beneficial. We do NOT suggest people remove themselves from the waiting list, but work with their Life Coach during that 'waiting' period to receive guidance to get their life on a better track by building self confidence and a plan.

People who think everything is impossible can benefit from life coaching because someone is there for them NOW to listen and help reach personal goals which may seem to look bleak to begin with.

A life coach can guide, mentor, and help people build confidence to:

have a better life
have a better relationship
have a better marriage
make career choices
make family choices
make good choices in general
quit smoking
make more money
get a new job
believe in themselves
achieve dreams
and so much more

Everyone can benefit from a life coach, and Karin is available for you.

1 678-249-0954

PLEASE NOTE: Life coaches are NOT qualified to help with substance abuse, mental health, or issues requiring immediate life-saving treatment, but can direct people to resources for proper care.

Often times, people who are depressed or feeling down will explore options for medication and antidepressants, self medicate with alcohol, and ride on a downward spiral out of control with their emotions. If this is the case, a life coach may be able to direct people to the appropriate mental health professionals to stabilize, but should not be sought as a primary treatment.   It should be noted that a life coach is NOT the same as a professional counselor.