Promax Auto Detailing knows exactly how vehicle owners want their vehicles to look like day one of purchase thats our focus. Promax Auto Detailing pays close attention to detail and treats every vehicle with love and care. For over twenty years we have seen the worst of the worst vehicles exterior and interior damaged real bad so no job is to big or to small. It is necessary that we take our time so we can clean everything inside and outside. Promax Auto Detailing primary focus is keeping every vehicle showroom new. Promax Auto Detailing started in Chicago, IL in 1987 independently since then has traveled to Dallas and Houston, TX, Midwest City and Norman, OK, Flint, MI, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Iowa, now here in Elkhart, IN. Auto detailing is a unique form to make your automobile look like new by restoring both the paint and interior. It is more than just a car wash; it can rejuvenate and protect your investment while increasing both pride of ownership and enjoyment of your vehicle. Auto detailing is very time consuming and can therefore be somewhat expensive. Detailing is a changing process because all paints aren't the same. It is a huge hobby and profession for a great enthusiast like Promax. Auto detailing is an art and a science that demands skill, patience, the best auto detailing supplies on the market as well as plenty of money and time for the endeavor. A-detailing is a detailed service that can take up to three or more hours depending on the car condition. A -detailing is where your car is polished and waxed back to an 'as new' condition it's like turning back the hands of time.

Detailing your car is thoroughly cleaning it both inside and outside, removing contaminates, swirls, scratches, oxidation and other imperfections from your paint to produce a show-quality level of detail. Cleaning the Engine involves removing grease, debris and buildup to keep your Engine running smoothly. Over all Promax tries to provide good work and customer service, but we understand we are not perfect.

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