Looking for a prize wheel for your next event or party? Prize wheels are what we're all about. We provide the highest quality prize wheels available in the market today. Our prize wheels are made in America and made to endure many happy spins!

Prize Wheels come in a variety of sizes depending on the needs of your event. Ranging from super prize wheel(44" diameter wheel) to the newest product baby prize wheel(14" diameter wheel). By far, our most popular prize wheel is the standard 31" diameter prize wheel in either table top model or floor stand model. With the choice of 12, 18 or adaptable(up to 24) wedges, you are sure to find a spin wheel that is perfect for your training, grand opening or festival event. All our prize wheels are made with the same balanced dimensions to keep the wheel proportionate to the size of the tripod. We pride ourselves in high quality parts and workmanship!

The unique feature of our prize wheels is you can customize it. Using our free templates, you can design your own prize inserts and slide them into the prize wheel. The prize inserts slide behind a transparent plastic guard that keeps the prize wedges in place while the wheel of fortune spins. Furthermore, the prize wedges can be printed directly from your own printer. Moreover, prize wheels are very easy to assemble. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the order process.
Our prize wheel accessories are perfect for replacement parts or additional pieces to keep on hand during your events. Accessories like additional clickers, additional centerplates, extension legs and perforated prize wedge sheets. The mini prize wheel and standard 31" prize wheel have a specially-made travel case with recessed foam and adjustable straps for easy storage and transport.

Prize wheels are great marketing tools for corporate environments like product training meetings, sales meetings, HR meetings, and employee motivational events. In addition, our wheel of fortune games are used at outdoor festivals, civic meetings and conference booths. In an educational environment, teachers use spin to win games to keep students engaged and entertained while learning challenging subjects. Many churches use a prize wheel for youth group door prizes and adult bible studies.