The association ProMosaik e.V. was founded in Leverkusen, Germany in 2014 with the objective of promoting interreligious and intercultural dialogue. The starting idea of the association was to create a portal in which all can freely express their opinions about culture, politics, religion, human rights and literature. Absolute priority is given to peaceful dialogue. As the name itself indicates, the association works for a world full of colours, differences and mosaic stones, which link to build bridges to meet.
The association ProMosaik aims to consider differences from a positive perspective and to always keep in mind this positive dimension of diversity, to be able to act every day in social life with a renewed consciousness at a socio-political level.  

The association website has the following options for publishing your texts and contributions to intercultural and interreligious dialogue: news, book and film descriptions and presentations of associations.
The association homepage is still under construction, but it offers visitors an ever-increasing number of presentations of associations that also work in the fields of culture, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, xenophobia, human rights, development aid and social promotion.
All associations caring for these matters or interested in introducing themselves and their ideas, or wanting to publish news on activities they carry out can get in touch with the Editorial Department of ProMosaik at any time. Here you can publish your contributions and texts in all languages available on the website.
The association also offers authors the opportunity to publish their works on the ProMosaik website. All authors who wish to publish their books concerning the subject areas of the association can get in touch with the chief editor, Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi by sending their work to the email address of the association published on the website.
The publication is free, as the sponsors and members of the ProMosaik association support the authors and their works because they believe in the importance of books promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue. The same applies to the publication of books in a foreign language. In this way, authors can constantly extend their audience and promote their books about human and women’s rights, socio-political problems and development aid projects worldwide.
Sponsors and supporters who are interested in the general idea of the association and have found specific books they would like to translate or publish can get in touch with the association to discuss any project or book they would like to finance with the chief editor.
The association is still in its starting phase, so all types of collaboration in terms of texts, sponsoring, and any kind of help in the form of promotion are warmly welcome. We would also be very happy to be contacted by active supporters in the field of press releases or marketing experts to help the association in the English-speaking world, by writing reports and social media entries in English.
We firmly believe in the passion and commitment for intercultural and interreligious understanding, and with our modest contribution we fight against all kinds of xenophobia, discrimination and violation of human rights.