A property owner simply uploads a property or business to the website, and a property2win competition is started. If the competition is a success and receives the required number of entries, the prize fund that has been securely held in escrow is used to purchase the property from the owner and legally transfer it directly into the competition winners name just like a normal property sale and purchase. If the competition is unsuccessful, then the winner receives the total entry fees that were collected.

The website ensures it's easy, safe and legal for owners trying to sell a property in this different way. Owners face a long, complicated and costly process if they decided to start their own raffle or lottery. Uploading a property or business to www.property2win.com is both quick and easy.

The website also ensures it's easy, safe and legal for people making entries to these kind of competitions who hope to win a fantastic property! All entry fees are held securely and only released to the property owner when a winner receives a property as a prize. In the event that either not enough entries are made to the competition or there is a legal complication with a property transfer to the winner, he or she will receive the cash! The property2win system looks after everyone!

Property competitions on www.property2win.com operate using a very straight forward "Spot the Ball" winner selection process, that has been around for many years. Competitions using "Skill and Judgment" are not considered as lotteries nor do they require a gaming license.