PRORehab provides outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy and industrial
rehabilitation. Our specialty services include Hand Therapy, Manual Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, and Sports Medicine Outreach.

We are experts in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders or injuries that affect your ability to move or function in the optimum manner. Physical and occupational therapists are the experts in restoring movement and function and are not limited to the treatment of those who are injured or ill. Another important role we have is the prevention of injuries or loss of movement.


Individuals with:
Orthopedic Injuries—shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot
Post Operative Cases
Spine Disorders—neck, low back pain, spinal surgery
Hand & Upper Extremity Injuries—hand, wrist, elbow injuries
Work Related Injuries—everything from cumulative trauma to overuse injuries
Sports Related Injuries — from the pro to the weekend warrior


PRORehab has over 20 locations in the St. Louis area and Illinois. If you haven’t seen us yet, we’re growing and will be in your neighborhood soon.


PRORehab is all about hands on, personalized care. We will develop a comprehensive program focused on total body care, injury prevention, as well as a safe and timely return to work, life or sports. We want you to be active in your rehabilitation and will also provide you with a home exercise program so that you may continue your personalized program beyond your stay with us.


In the end, satisfaction with your therapy experience at PRORehab isn’t good enough.
We want you to be so happy with your experience that you brag about us. We care about your needs and promise to communicate honestly and openly with you and your healthcare team. We understand that life is difficult after an injury and will provide you with support for the daily challenges involved during recovery. We are focused on improving your health, your well-being and most of all your quality of life.