In a nut shell, we eat, sleep and breathe working to provide you with the latest information and tools to make your website is found by both the search engines and people as easily possible.  
The higher you are ranked on search engines, the more your website site will be noticed.  This will make more people familiar with your site, making it more popular on the web. A recent study shows that people are more likely to go to a site that is higher ranked on a search engine (top two pages), than those just using banner ads.

Reliable-Search Engine Optimization guarantees placement right until the marketing budget is gone. Consumers prefer buying from sites that are higher ranked in the search engine results than purchasing from one that has been obviously placed there for advertisement.

When searching for a specific thing today on the web, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of options can show up when typing in just one keyword. That is why it is so important to be ranked high on search engines, so you are easily accessible. Without using SEO it can be nearly impossible to get your site ranked in the top 2 pages or even noticed on the search engines. There are millions of sites that can be connected to one keyword, and in order for your site to noticed you need it to be optimized. That is why choosing SEO would be the way to go for your site.