The concept of Professional Services Inc., New York Remodeling & Renovation Contractors, was conceived by Mr. Nicholas M. Ricci, the owner of the company in 1994. Mr. Ricci has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. His concept was to create a New York Contracting firm that specialized in Home & Apartment Renovation - Remodeling who actually cared about every single aspect involved in surpassing all others and achieving excellence in this industry.

It is now 2011, and we can proudly say that this milestone has not only been achieved, but is surpassing any expectations imagined. Simply put, Professional Services Inc., is the best New York Remodeling & Renovation firm any client will ever deal with when it comes to construction and renovation projects for their New York Home or Apartment.  

Our Remodeling company has been built one client at a time by taking full ownership and responsibility for each and every aspect of our clients Renovation projects. For many years, our philosophy has remained exactly the same. We deliver quality construction services, on time and within the alloted budget.

Professional Services Inc. understands how important trust is in a Contractor / Client relationship. We make our clients feel comfortable by knowing that they are in trustworthy hands from design conception to the finished product. We fully understand that our clients whole heartedly rely on us to serve on their behalf, ethically and responsibly.

From the inception of our general contracting company our track record speaks for itself. It is a record of the highest integrity, subject matter expertise, and overwhelming customer satisfaction. Our commitment to this statement is proven by the fact that many of our clients return to us for additional work they desire.

Our clients truly value the relationship we have built with them and recognize our unequaled commitment to quality, craftsmanship, budget, and schedule. Clients who use our Remodeling & Renovation Services for one project return to Professional Services Inc. for all their future remodeling, renovation, and construction needs.

As a New York home or apartment owner, you will be hard pressed to find any New York Contracting Firm, with a better record of accomplishments, a larger installed base of renovations, with more enthusiastically satisfied customers, or with a higher commitment to your remodeling project and design .

The fact is, that even with the vast number of contractors out there vying for your renovation project, only a small handful merit a serious consideration to become your Contractor. New York City has many remodeling companies, but we believe that none would do a better job, provide you with a better warranty or offer you more assurances for the positive outcome of your renovation project. Most of all, we believe no other company competing for your job will offer you a better value for your money once you truly compare apples to apples.