Pro-Shift Technologies Limited specialise in the design, development and manufacture of Semi-automatic Electronic Paddleshift Gearshifting Systems. Bespoke Systems are available for the majority of popular race cars and superbikes and Pro-Shift are always willing and happy to develop a System for any type of sequentially geared application. The business was started by MD Roy Tansley as a result of him needing to develop a Gearshifting System for his own personal use after losing his left leg in a bike accident. The first prototype Gearshifter enabled him to continue his bike racing career and he subsequently became the fastest disabled rider around the Isle of Man TT course when using the System on his side-car. The latest addition to the Gearshifting range, the Pro-Shift3, offers over 170 adjustable parameters and is programmable via a laptop to the driver/rider's personal driving style. Recent in-house tests have recorded a gear change speed of just 5 milliseconds which is believed to be amongst the fastest currently commercially available. Pro-Shift export Systems world-wide as well as providing the option for customers to have the Gearshifter expertly fitted by specially trained technicians on the premises.