www.ProsperinAllThings.com  TheTriple Crown Prosperity Plan™ shows how our unique brain wiring combined with our spiritual wiring can put us into action for a life lived full out.

About Brenda

Is it possible to prosper in all areas of your life and maintain good health while yet cultivating the miraculous potential of your soul?  Brenda thinks so!  She lives by this credo and shares it dynamically on-stage.  Corporate leaders, sales professionals and entrepreneurs mentored by her have increased their income exponentially while learning to enjoy the journey and benefit others en route.

Brenda holds degrees in business, nutrition and exercise physiology.  She and her husband Greg co-founded IMPaX WORLD, a successful direct-selling nutritional company.  Her vision and knowledge in the fields of wellness, sales and motivation have attracted leaders in medicine, sports and business to IMPaX WORLD.

Brenda’s leadership style is rooted in her belief that God is her Partner in life and business. She inspires the members of her audience to expand their vision and goals while stretching to develop their God-given gifts.  She recently authored a chapter in legendary success guru Brian Tracy’s book, “Cracking the Success Code” and has been a featured guest on his television show aired on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.

Brenda shares her passion at conventions, women’s events, weekend retreats, networking organizations and churches, as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She has created and hosted her own cutting-edge sales and marketing events, weekend training seminars and retreats for twenty-five years. Brenda’s unique and practical approach has a proven track record of getting results. “Success to me is more than simply financial. I empower others to make a difference, feel a sense of significance and experience personal peace.”

Your audience will be transformed!