Prosup is a Dutch based manufacturer of high quality camera support equipment such as a camera leveller, jib arm, camera slider, camera track, laptop dolly, jib arm, dolly, mounts, dolly track, gimble, 3 way leveller, tripod, video crane and more

Need a sturdy, yet flexible support for your camera? At Prosup we specialise in designing and delivering lightweight constructions for use with professional film cameras. Our varied and flexible package-deals include the designing, prototyping, producing, updating and maintaining our products.

Wonder what we have to offer? We produce jib arms, tracks, mounting systems, dollies and much more. All suitable for a range of cameras and applications. We are constantly improving and updating our designs so we can continue to offer you the best camera support products in the broadcasting business.

About Prosup – Casu Granderath

The cooperation between Casu Granderath and Prosup started in 2012. Although both Eric Steenvoorden as well as Florian Granderath had a long history of more than 20 years in the camera support industry they had never met in person. It was Mr. Peter Koning (CEO for Eurogrip) that introduced Florian (at that time working at Panther) to Eric (ex employee of Egripment).

A match made in heaven

This combination has proven to be very successful. Florian with its great product knowledge and customer focus has since given valuable input to Eric who has translated wishes and customer feedback into actual products. It was Florian who suggested to start making a camera slider – which ended up in the production of the successful Tango slider.