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ProtestKits.com was conceived when two friends, fellow patriots, decided to buy airline tickets and reserve their hotel room eight months in advance of the August 28th, 2010, Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C.

Excited about attending a protest of this size for the first time, they were discussing what the 12+ hour day might be like with upwards of 2,000,000 - 4,000,000 other like-minded people, all in the same area at the same time!

They talked about the traffic and subway congestion, restaurants with hours upon hours of waiting in line just to be seated... and started thinking about what type of supplies they could bring, and might really need, for an all-day event like this. Water, food, maps, a way to communicate if they got split up (cell towers might be bogged down), a flashlight... what if it rained in August in DC? One patriot decided to bring a "hydration" backpack with all the essentials and comfort items he would need to enjoy the day without the dread of running out of food, and especially water.

The other patriot was more excited about the actual protest and was focused on how to bring a decent protest sign along. Realizing that it would not fit on the airplane, and that it might be impossible to buy the supplies once arriving in Washington D.C., he decided to ship the needed supplies to the hotel in advance and began thinking of how to design a sign that would be impressive in size for his very important message so that it would be seen in such a large crowd but also without being cumbersome. The protest sign had to be something that was easy to carry, hold, and could then be disposed of responsibly. The idea came to mind to utilize a unique shipping box that could hold everything the two patriots would need, and when folded inside-out, would create the actual sign board! Post handles, simple hardware, a tool, permanent color markers (so the words won't run if the sign got wet), tape, and other supplies would all be shipped in advance and waiting for them at the hotel. They could make the sign the night prior to the event in the hotel room with other friends - both thought this would be fun as a "protest party"!

While browsing the internet looking at last year's protests and signs attendees had made, it became clear that most of the demonstrators at these events didn't have signs. This was due to lack of convenience or ability to bring them along or the impossible task of gathering everything needed at the destination.

The two patriots’ solution is ProtestKits.com. Our solution of sending a design-it-yourself protest kit ahead to our hotel will work for you, too! We’ve done all the hard work of research, selecting, and gathering all the needed supplies, enabling you to travel to your destination unhindered by an ungainly sign and a box of supplies.

You're going all the way to D.C. to attend - make your message count!

You Are Your Message