CIO Review has chosen ProThoughts, a project management software and education consultancy firm, as one of the top 50 "Start Ups to watch out for in 2015". The selection was done by a panel of experts, CXOs and members of CIO Review's editorial board and is awarded to recognize the emerging players who promote technology entrepreneurship, innovation & stellar working methodology. ProThoughts setup in 2013, has been delivering success in implementing the projects successfully with its innovative methodology and bringing all the solutions of project & portfolio management under one roof.

"We've had our eye on ProThoughts for some time now as they’ve continued to make vast headway in addressing the challenges of project management today with their solutions and approach," said Shashi Ranjan, the head of the panel CIO Review. “We are excited to feature them this year as they continue to bring about real change in the way projects are executed.”

"We're thrilled to be chosen by CIO Review‘s for the award," said Ashish Sadekar, Founder, ProThoughts. "It is a true honor to be nationally recognized for our vision and success. We will continue to deliver on our promise and provide innovate solutions, tools & methodologies to our clients."

To read the article, visit http://www.cioreview.in/magazines/cio-march-2015/

About ProThoughts :

Prothoughts addresses the rising concern of the project managers and organization across several sectors such as Pharma, Telecom, BFSI and Government and helps them to succeed with their projects. Prothoughts was co-founded in 2013 by Ashish Sadekar, who has a wide industry experience and has been at Infosys and Microsoft. Prothoughts has implemented projects software across industries with prestigious clients like Ingenuity Gaming, Quislex, Talisma among others and is among the top professional training certification workshops which equip professionals on project & portfolio management. Please visit http://www.prothoughts.co.in for more details.

About CIO Review

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