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Proxycomm allows you to choose any area code or phone number in any location you want. This makes a local appearance for advertising and keeps your personal cell phone number private. When you return calls the proxycomm number is displayed not your home phone.

Look at just some of the Area' you can have a Flat Rate Unlimited Toll Free Number for. You can have Unlimited access with an 800 from these areas:

Carribean + Latin America UNLIMITED
Anguilla (1-264), Antigua & Barbuda (1-268), Argentina (54), Bahamas (1-242), Bermuda (1-441), Bolivia (591), Brazil (55), British VI (1-284), Cayman Islands (1-345), Chile (56), Columbia (57), Costa Rica (506), Dominican Republic (1-809), Ecuador (593), Guatamala (502), Jamaica (1-876), Mexico (52), Panama (507), Peru (51), Puerto Rico (1-787, 1-939), Trinidad & Tobago (1-868), Uruguay (598), US VI (1-340), and Venezuela (58)

Andorra (376), Austria (43), Belgium (32), Bosnia (387), Bulgaria (359), Croatia (385), Czech Republic (420), Denmark (45), Estonia (372), Finland (358), France (33), Georgia (995), Germany (49), Gibraltar (350), Greece (30), Hungary (36), Iceland (354), Ireland (353), Italy (39), Lithuania (370), Luxembourg (352), Monaco (377), Netherlands (31), Norway (47), Poland (48), Portugaul (351), Romania (40), Russia (7), San Marino (378), Slovenia (386), Spain (34), Sweden (46), Switzerland (41), U.K. / England (44), Ukraine (380), and Vatican City (39)

Algeria (213), Angola (244), Botswana (267), Chad (235), Congo (242), Cyprus (357), Egypt (20), Ghana (233), Iraq (964), Israel (972), Jordan (962), Kazakhstan (772), Kenya (254), Kuwait (965), Lebanon (961), Mauritius (230), Mozambique (258), Namibia (264), Niger (227), Nigeria (234), Pakistan (92), Rwanda (250), Saudi Arabia (966), S. Africa (27), Sudan (249), Swaziland (268), Tajikistan (992), Tanzania (255), Turkey (90), UAE (971), Uganda (256), and Uzbekistan (998)

American Samoa (1-684), Australia (61), Bangladesh (880), Cambodia (855), China (86), Guam (1-671), Hong Kong (852), India (91), Indonesia (62), Japan (81), Laos (856), Macau (853), Malaysia (60), Mongolia (976), Nepal (977), New Zealand (64), Phillipines (63), Saipan (1-670), Singapore (65), South Korea (82), Sri Lanka (94), Taiwan (86), Thailand (66), and Vietnam (84)

There is no doubt as the secret gets out about Proxycomm Phone this will shake up the industry. No more complicated phone calling area plans. Hidden charges and fee's scam activation cost and compliants with no customer serivice or reply to support tickets.

Finally a real ground floor opportunity with a viable product in high demand and the integrity of a company to pay high commissions to its distributors. Proxycomm Phone is a breathe of fresh air for distributors.

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