Providing clients with opportunities to help uplift lives and better access in central and southern Philippines have always been our strength.

We do this with our advocacy and corporate social responsibility projects as well as through our networks within the media, blogging, local government, and business communities in the Visayas and Mindanao which encompasses central and southern Philippines.

This is in line with our mission of making public relations work for our clients and stakeholders in lucrative markets hundreds of kilometers away from the turf of most Philippine public relations agencies that are based in Metro Manila. In fact, companies and agencies in the National Capital Region in the northern island of Luzon tap PRworks for their Visayas-Mindanao operations.

Our core services basically are:

1. Corporate Communications

Managing attention and perceptions have become keys to business success.

PRWorks help individuals and corporate clients develop public personalities reflecting their good values, missions, and contributions to the larger community we serve.

We aim to develop and carry out creative, strategic, and customized breakthrough PR programs that get clients noticed. We draft concise messages that are on target and reach the audiences that matter. Our standards are among the highest in the PR industry respected by our peers.

In particular, clients in Cebu tap us for our expertise, experience and extensive network in:

* Press Release Campaigns
* Media Relations
* Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
* Media Crisis Management

In competitive markets, the value of images is premium. PRWorks assists clients defend their reputation or distinguish themselves from the pack.

2. Event Management Services

PRWorks tailors services to the clients needs.

We do specialized event management interventions or we start with comprehensive conceptualization of an event and conclude with a final report and assessment.

The events could be exhibits and product launches at local malls to carrying out comprehensive marketing and related services for a city-wide festival.

3. Database Marketing Services

Years of cooperation with TeamAsia taught PRWorks developed marketing campaigns that passed the international firm’s standards.

The PRWorks database in the Visayas and Mindanao that TeamAsia taps in nationwide campaigns represents executives and professionals with substantial expendable income who understand how to gauge the value of services and products.

Aside from database rentals, clients avail of our campaigns that range from sponsorship campaigns, sending direct mails, telemarketing and fax campaigns.