PSG Online offers you the unique ability to access the products and services from various financial institutions, consolidated into one PSG Online portfolio. With one login, on one platform, you can manage your wealth creation and protection strategies - benefiting from the investment expertise of several fund managers, a wide variety of trading products and a wide selection of South Africa's premier insurers. We make it easy for you to transact online and manage your financial well-being in the ultimate comfort of 24 hour access. Trade, invest, insure and plan your life through our online platform or join forces with a professional financial advisor to achieve your financial goals.

PSG Online is a web portal that provides clients with the ability to trade, invest, insure and plan for their financial well-being.

Online Securities Limited, a member of the JSE, provides all stock broking and related investment services. Online Securities Ltd was founded in 1996 and is 100% owned by PSG Konsult, a subsidiary of the PSG Group, listed on the JSE. Online Securities also operates as a Financial Services Provider, FSP number 42996.

PSG Online Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides all short-term insurance solutions. PSG Online Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a Financial Services Provider, FSP number 42524.

PSG Online has established itself as a leading online trading specialist. Our entrepreneurial culture is balanced by a strong risk management discipline coupled with the ability to be flexible and innovative.