Whether you're in need of a reliable instrument to aid in the selection of suitable individuals or require stimulating, informative, and entertaining content for your site, Psychtests, with affiliate site Queendom.com, has the expertise and experience to deliver the product and service that will fulfill your needs.

We are dedicated to self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-improvement. As the pre-eminent developers and providers of web-based psychometric evaluations and psychological content, we continually strive to ensure we fulfill our mission in an engaging, innovative and intuitive way.

HR professionals:
> ARCH Profile: A group of tests that have undergone large-scales statistical validation, distributed by the click of a button. Packages for Motivation, Selection & Retention, Leadership Development, and several more which are available for flat annual rates.
> Benefits programs: Psychtests carries the credentials to empower companies that want their workforce to benefit from easy access to self-development tools and information.

Sticky content for Marketing professionals:
> License Content: For over a decade, we continue to develop quizzes, polls, surveys, brain-teasers, articles, advice and more. Queendom.com showcases the variety of available content for your traffic and readers.
> Custom Content: Our experience and our best practices in survey technology ensure best-in-class, customized products at a fraction of the cost you would pay to develop such assessments in-house. Your assessment is well researched, the scales are valid and reliable and the language is a good fit for your audience in terms of tone and readability level.

Consultants, Coaches, Psychologists and other professionals:
> Whether used during the needs assessment phase, as an icebreaker or to track progress, our assessments are a great tool for practitioners of behavior sciences. Talk to use about gaining access and co-branding on ARCH profile (see above).

Specialty products:
> Assessment suite for VC firms who want to corroborate selection and analysis of psychological evaluations and development programs for senior management
> Assessment suite for bariatric surgery clinics/surgeons