Trading is an Art. This Skill can be learned by Practice, practice and practice. We help our students to Practice in Right Direction. Reading Charts and Predicting Price Movement is a part of Technical Analysis.

Technical Analysis predicts price movement in the better way than Fundamental Analysis. Technical Analysis tells Short or Medium-term price movement in the market.

This Institute was started keeping in mind to provide the right amount of Education to People who want to make a Career, trading in the Stock Market. We have seen that Traders start trading without Proper Knowledge and tend to lose money in First Few months of Trading, blaming the Stock market for their Failure. We pledge to make Each and every Student to not only make their Living from Stock Market but to build their Assets and Luxuries.

In Stock Market 95 to 98 % people lose their money and their money goes into Pocket of 2-5% People.

We make sure that our students reach to the Trading standard so that they reach the Level of 2-5% Smart and Professional Traders. In Stock market Unskilled People money goes into Pocket of Skilled or Smart Traders.

We believe that even a person can start from as Low as Rs 5000 – 10000 and make Fortunes in the Stock market with Right Amount of Knowledge.

What you will learn in our Institute:

Right Entry and Exit Points. This is the most important point because even if People Enter at Right Point but fail to Exit at the Right Moment then they Lose not Only their profit but also their Base Money. This
Differentiate Men from Boys.
How to make Money in any Market Condition – Rising, Consolidating and Falling.
How to Lock your Profits so that you don’t lose them.
How to convert losing Trade into Winning Trades.
How to survive as an Intra Day Trade, Swing or Positional Trader or a Long-Term Investor
How to Grow your money Manifold as compared to Inflation
Right Stop Loss and Re-Entry Points