Edel-Optics: Opticians of the Future
In 2009, Edel-Optics Ltd. started out as an online optician and retailer for brand glasses. By 2011, the company entered multichannel trading by opening its first local store in Hamburg. Due to great success, Edel-Optics set up a flagship store in Northern Germany’s largest shopping centre (AEZ) in 2013. At the moment, Edel-Optics operates web shops in 53 countries from their headquarters in Germany, and has already dispatched glasses in over 120 countries. In total, Edel-Optics’ portfolio offers over 40,000 brand name glasses.

Flagship Store: “Virtual Goods Display” shop concept
Edel-Optics combines web shop and retail store in a prize-winning concept. Customers in the store can choose from over 10,000 brand-name spectacles. There, iPad terminals replace the common store shelves. Just as in an online shop, customers individually pick out their glasses of choice on the iPad’s display. The selection is immediately dispatched from the attached warehouse and presented to the clients so that they can try it on.

Digital Master Optician
Edel-Optics’ self-developed lens database represents a globally unique service. It offers the customer complete price transparency for all lens properties, such as brand and antireflexion coating. By means of individual prescription, as well as spectacle frame of choice, the “Digital Master Optician” always offers the ideal lenses.

Best Price Tool – always just 80 percent of the recommended retail price
A tool developed by Edel-Optics checks pricing of other brand glasses vendors on a daily basis. If another shop offers a certain model for a cheaper price, Edel-Optic’s best price tool automatically undercuts the offer.

Further information: www.edel-optics.de