Of all the fish in the ocean, there’s only one which can hugely increase its size in an effortless instant; the puffer fish. At Pufferr, we’re inspired by this hardy little fish, and we constantly work to improve growth for clients, whether that’s with digital, social, marketing and advertising outputs, or through new technology like VR, AI and gaming.

We’re proud to offer a huge range of services, allowing us to tailor packages exactly to what you want for your business. Our expertise is in the digital and new technology spheres, but our team have multiple skills to be able to deliver the best results regardless of your requirements.

When it comes to digital, we’re at the cutting edge in our offering. Whether you want an Instagram influencer to promote your business or a full-service arrangement that covers all your social media channels and advertising, as well as SEO and PPC, we’ve got your back – all while offering growth-driven, quality-assured, and data measurable outcomes.

Our team
At Pufferr, we believe in diversity, education, innovation, and experience. Our team is equipped to tackle any challenge and relish a new and exciting idea, whether it’s a huge brand strategy undertaking or a guerrilla social media advertising campaign, you can be assured that our team is up to the task.

Boasting degrees from the University of Oxford and Masters of Data Science, Business, Innovation, and Marketing, we also have authors in cutting-edge digital topics and experts in advertising, business, and branding. Our team are not just powerhouses, they’re professionals dedicated to delivering quality results and insightful strategic campaigns.


We believe in delivering high-quality products and services to our clients. For us, our passion for digital is what drives us to produce fantastic results and work only to the highest standards.

We’re all about making digital accessible, ensuring everyone can reap the benefits of this incredible business tool and get effective results that are measurable for their outcomes. Our team of professional digital-first natives is here to support you and your business in all our services, blazing a trail with the latest technology and effective client support.

Our aim is to help your business achieve long-term sustainable growth through the combination of digital and innovative tactics that deliver outstanding data-driven results. We don’t compromise on quality, professionalism, or expertise to deliver the cutting edge in digital.

We are an innovation hub when it comes to marketing, offering all the services you need under one roof. Harnessing the latest technologies and marketing theory, our kick-ass team can give your brand the boost it needs to reach new heights of success. If you’re looking for a creative powerhouse to inject new life into your marketing, then we are the go-to people.