We are proud to be the finest and original locally sourced best caterer in Kolkata, with the strong support of local farmers, bakers, and other producers. Our vegetables, fruit, dairy, and bread are freshly purchased from local farmers within the city. Active since last ten years, Pugalia Cater continues to grow as a boutique business, working with clients to create unique events that meet their food adventure and budgetary needs.

We maintain a good relationship with clients as well as our local suppliers; we are the bridge between the food and the food lovers. We pay more attention to the ingredients so that the food lovers get the best on their special days for which they have prepared for long. Our catering service is founded upon the many principles out of which local fresh procurement, relationship, and spreading smile is the best. Also, keeping the environment in mind we avoid using disposables at our catered events, in case required to do so, we use biodegradable and compostable cups, cutlery, and plates.