Pulsar Instruments Plc, founded in 1969, has had 40 years of experience in the noise measurement solutions, providing compliant, common sense, practical solutions for Industrial and other Noise Measurement applications via our world wide distribution network.  For all these 40 years, we have focussed on producing sound level instrumentation that is, above all easy to use, yet accurate; always fully complying with the latest applicable standards – today IEC 61672.

Our range of Sound Level Meters and Dosemeters are designed with the busy professional in mind. We are constantly reminded that in the Health & Safety sector, noise measurement is only one of the many tasks that need to be implemented for compliance in the workplace. Such a user requires an instrument that can perform this duty with minimum of training and simplicity of use.

We also focus on customer care to ensure that potential customers can have complete confidence in choosing the correct instrument for their specific application. Ongoing support for existing customers is available in the form of training and guidance in the use and maintenance of their chosen instrumentation.

Pulsar Instruments ensure that the final process of transforming your measurement data into professional and informative reports is achieved at the click of a button. Pulsar Instruments provides ‘The Sound Investment’, through its friendly and knowledgeable staff, providing the necessary information and advice to enable you to choose the best solution for your noise issues and budget.