Commercial Roofing Services
Based in Arden, Puma Commercial Roofing is dedicated to providing first-rate services to every customer. We offer 15+ years’ experience in the roofing industry, conscientious service, attentive roofing craftsmen, and elevated standards. You can depend on our roofing specialists for the solutions you need.

To request a professional roof estimate, please call us at  (828)275-3676. A company technician will visit your location and assess your roof’s condition. Then we can various, precise solutions for its requirements & specifications.

Commercial Roofing Solutions
At Puma Commercial Roofing, we are continually striving for new levels of excellence. Quality, responsive service, and customer satisfaction are foremost priorities on every project.

For that purpose, we use products from a manufacturer with proven, long-standing industry reputation. For 35+ years, these roofing systems have stood the test of time. They provide a great means of ensuring your building stays well-protected, leak-free, and energy-efficient.

Durable, High-Performance Protection
Our roofing solutions extend your roof’s lifespan & performance. They will make it look and perform like it is brand new again, but without the costs of re-roofing! These solutions include:

Conklin® Rapid Roof® III – Backed by 30+ years of performance, Rapid Roof® is the workhorse of Conklin’s pioneering coating innovations. This offering composes a seamless, lightweight, and weather-durable system.

It carries a Class A fire resistance from Underwriters Laboratories. When applied as a top coat, it offers an 85% reflective, dirt-resistant, durable white surface. ENERGY STAR® certification means strong A/C cost savings over time!

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Conklin® Benchmark® – This premier, fully acrylic coating delivers an industry-leading combination of flexibility & tensile strength. It meets the standards of most major code organizations, including Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories, Miami-Dade, and International Code Conference.

Strong resistance to UV damage, air pollutants, and acid rain helps maintain long-term performance. As an ENERGY STAR certified system, Benchmark pays for itself in energy cost savings with 85% solar reflectivity. Keep your building safe, highly energy-efficient, and economical with this solution for years to come!

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Rusted & Costly Leaks
Conklin® Puma® XL – Puma offers exceptional tensile strength and performance. Engineered with with urethane and acrylic polymers, the coating comes with some of the best strength & elongation in the industry. Puma is the result of four generations of exceptional product innovation and bringing top-quality acrylic coatings to market in a years-long record.

Because of its durability, it can be backed with an 18-year renewable, non-prorated warranty. With quality waterproofing, strong reflectivity, and low VOC emissions, Puma can provide premier protection for decades.

This family of products have been applied on millions of square feet nationwide. Let Puma Commercial Roofing help you preserve your investment for years to come! We will work hard to keep your building safe, sheltered, and cost-efficient.

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Commercial Roofing Service Pros
With our solutions, your roof can pay for itself in 7 years with energy cost savings! Puma Commercial Roofing is licensed & insured for your peace of mind. You can depend on our commitment to high-caliber workmanship & service! Don’t hesitate – call us today to request a free, professional roof estimate!

Call us at  (828)275-3676 to request an appointment. The Puma Commercial Roofing family looks forward to serving you!