PUMEX Technologies is a full service, custom software engineering & creative marketing company that offers end-to-end, scalable-technology solutions as well as creative solutions. We provide the ability for companies to meet both short and long-term needs, all while supporting future growth.

Strategic IT consulting will help your company develop plans for prolonging the life of your software and systems, maximizing the output for your business. Mobile and tablet application is booming - we offer development services for all platforms.

Our Value Proposition is unique but simple:

1) Dedicated management with 20+ years experience and proven track record in various domains
2) User experience is the key
3) Project manager takes your ideas from thought to fruition with a streamlined, disciplined, and strictly adhered to internal SDLC process: conception -> development -> delivery -> support

You can rest easy with your technology in our hands. Talk with us today and receive a solution tailored to addressing your organization’s needs and goals, created and implemented by a software development team who will go the lengths in understanding your business from the inside out.