Punk Star Industries is an action clothing and accessories company based in Webster, Texas. We are not just a brand, but a lifestyle. We started Punkstar Full Throttle in 2012 to further promote and brand our line as well as local music and business in Houston. We created Punkstar Radio to showcase to the world. Every Wednesday you will find us posted up at Scout Bar hosting one of Houston's longest running local music showcase PUNKSTAR FULL THROTTLE.

Punkstar Full Throttle episodes are live streamed on Punkstar Radio. Punkstar Radio is an internet radio station and also available on the Tune In mobile app. Prior episodes are obtainable on Sound Cloud, which are recorded and edited to perfection by Punkstar’s music and sound producer Roland Belmarez. With around 30,000 active monthly listeners from around 41 different countries around the world, founder and co-host Chris Calderas dreams Punkstar Radio of becoming an xm satellite radio station in the near future.

“We are always looking for sponsors, but right now I am looking for larger national sponsors. My goal is to turn Punkstar Radio into an xm station.” Announces ~Chris Calderas

Punkstar Full Throttle is sponsored by Punkstar Industries, Inc, Creative Art and Ink, School of Rock (Clear Lake), Junker Designs, Embassy Skateboards, RCP Plumbing, Dan's Pizza, Red's Sound and Lighting, Dosomethingawesome.org, Coldcock Whiskey, and Virus Vodka.