Save money by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of all inclusive Hotels in Punta Cana

Punta Cana has become known by the all inclusive offers of the Hotels. The real truth is, that these offers goes to the guests who wants to make a beach and sun vacation, in which during their stay they enjoy the private beach of the hotel and are satisfied by dining in the different restaurants of the hotel.

Golf vacationers in Punta Cana will not be satisfied: always playing in the same golf course although there are 11 more golf courses which are amazing and they are near by just waiting to be played by you.

Disadvantages of all inclusive
Although no one is obliged to adhere to the hotel food offers, there is a psychological bond. Why go out and eat expensive, when you can have it for free? This is specially true when you are traveling in a group. Some people spend more time in this way on the hotel, than it was originally planned.
Not always is by all inclusive hotel, all inclusive. Depending on the offers, certain products must be bought for a price as for example german beer or any international alcoholic drink.
The quality of the hotel's kitchen is a small gamble. Whoever has bad luck, had pay to much money for something they really didn't like.
Last but not least: the person who wants to organize its own vacation and wants to be independent is wrong by going to all inclusive hotels.

Advantages of an “Individual All Inclusive” when you book with us

With us you only pay what you really wanted to book:

Pay a reduce Day Pass to take advantage of the all inclusive hotels services & offer.
Pay the Day Pass of the hotel of your preference. For example in Iberostate you have a choice of 4 different hotels. You could do this in a week with different hotels of the area.
We offer you our transfer service from the airport and vice-verse, or wherever you want with our own driver in a minibus.
You can also hire a car and save money in transfers if you wish to be total independent during your vacation.
Take advantage of our special prices.
With our Villas we can offer you for a competitive price your own Chef. We have Chef's for Sushi and Asian Cuisine, as well as, Italian and Mediterranean delicacies.
Of course in all our services is included a daily cleaning, bed linen and towels.