We have a passion for the well-being and happiness of furry (or, not so furry) family members that bring such joyful fulfillment to everyone's lives. Our goals are to provide care for our clients' pets that exceeds expectations and raises standards to set an example for the industry. We guarantee each client's pets will receive personal attention with each walk we take and each visit we make. There are no group walks with unfamiliar animals, which pose safety risks and prevent the personalized interaction that ensures your pets are given proper attention, even when you cannot be there. Our method is to combine professionalism with attentive affection, which offers both safety and comfort. We adhere to your instructions and the needs of your pets, making each experience as close as possible to what you feel is best.

Puppies & Pals brings more than 15 years' experience in professional kennel management/administration, obedience training, pet care, and dog walking to our business.


Puppies & Pals is a licensed, bonded and insured business. Liability Insurance and Employee Coverage (bond) through Petcare Insurance.