Manufacturing 100% pure natural nutrition using 25 natural ingredients (millets, cereals, pulses, nuts and spices)

Introducing a Natural Nutrition with 25 Ingredients.

Prepared by using Traditional style of food processing and cooking.
As the whole world is facing the changes in food style, improper daily routines and busy lifestyle - People are hit by the diseases like Blood pressure (BP), Diabetes (Sugar), Heart issues, Kidney issues, Knee pain, Joints pain etc.. Have become so common irrespective of age groups to overcome from these health problems we are introducing to you “PURATAN MILLET HEALTH MIX” a Natural nutrition with 25 Natural ingredients roasted by using traditional clay pots.
Start your day with “PURATAN MILLET HEALTH MIX” to improve your health & to keep your day active.

How it’s made:
     All 25 ingredients are cleaned, washed in water and dried in a shadow
     All 25 ingredients are roasted using “Traditional clay pots” mixed according to our specially prepared recipe and dried in a shadow.
     Powdered and packed hygienically.  

25 Ingredients:
Millets: Navane / Foxtail, Saame / Little, Aarka / Kodo, Oodalu / Barnyard, Korle / Brown top, Sajje / Pearl, Baragu / Proso, Bili jola / Sorghum, Raagi / Finger  Nuts: Badami / Almonds, Godambi / Cashew, Kadle beeja / Ground nuts, Pista  Pulses: Soya, Togari bele / Toor dal, Uddina bele / Black gram, Hesaru kaalu / Green gram, Huruli kaalu / Horse gram, Kadle kaalu/ Chick peas Cereals: Barley, Godhi / Wheat,  Musukina jola / Maize Spices: Yelakki / Cardamom, Menthe / Fenugreek, Menasu / Black pepper

Health benefits of “PURATAN MILLET HEALTH MIX”
     Boosts immunity power
     Controls and helps to balance High Blood pressure (BP) and Diabetes (Sugar).
     Purifies blood and increases red blood cells.
     Prevents Gastric discomfort.
     Fibre content helps to maintain healthy weight.
     Helps in controlling menstrual cramps.
     Highly nutritious is best for Kids body growth and brain development.
     Antioxidant in millets helps to prevent cancer.
     Decreases the level of bad cholesterol in the body.
     Helps to decrease Joint pain and knee pain.
     Strengthens muscle, bones and nerves system in the body.  

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