PureGold.SG Group had applied for the incorporation of PT. PureGold Singapore Indo, its wholly owned subsidiary based in Indonesia, and after almost 6 months, it has received the go ahead from the authorities. The company has been formally incorporated in Indonesia and is free to initiate operations.
The company will engage in gold trading and retailing. It also has gold mining plans for the future. Speaking on this exciting development, Andy Loh, CEO of PureGold Group said, “This is a big step for PureGold.sg Group. We want to bring our know-how to Indonesia and provide the gold aficionados of this country access to high quality gold articles and an even better gold-buying experience. This is a major advancement in our journey to become the preeminent gold minter, retailer and trader in the entire region.”

PureGold.io had recently created the world’s first gold-backed token, that will power the next generation of e-commerce based on the blockchain. The PGPay platform will help daily transactions using PGG tokens that will eventually help businesses and individual customers. The PGG is aimed at becoming a stable cryptocurrency that will eventually power the global economy.

To know more about PGPay,
check out our website — https://puregold.io/en.