Join with real people and business. From friends, loves, families, co-workers, businesses and more.  PureJOIN will let you build relationships in simple.

What is PureJOIN?
PureJOIN provides Cloud Based POS Solution and Smartphone Marketing Service using QR code


Point of Sale

Simple and Easy to use POS system for retailers. It’s a perfect business solution for retailers looking for inexpensive and less maintenance cost with ease of use. PureJOIN Retail POS Hardware Bundle includes iPad Case, Epson Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Fast Barcode Scanner, Credit Card Reader (with merchant service) and it’s only $750 with monthly fee of $59.99.

We have 13 years of retail Point of Sale experience and interactions with customers and that’s how we started PureJOIN POS System for retailers.

•     Trouble-less iPad POS System
•       Over 450,000 Beauty Items Are Ready For You
•     New Item Download In Real Time
•     Save Time On Purchase Orders
•       No Training Necessary For Smartphone Users
•     Less Investment & Less Required Labor
•     Integrated Smartphone Marketing


PureJOIN Marketing :

Shoppers are spending more time on their smart phones and tables than watching TV or reading newspapers. PureJOIN is a new way to reach your potential customers and promote your stores.
No more membership card! Download PureJOIN and scan customer’s code, they are now your business member whom you can communicate through Smartphone. Bingo!

•     Membership (no more plastic cards, use smartphone app)
•     Push Notification (Coupon / Voucher / Store News)
•     Coupon printing (Track customer’s visit and usage)
•     Digital Video & Audio Signage (Hot Item / Sale / Event)
•     Marketing Assistance (We will send out your promotion)
•     Integrate with POS System


PureJOIN for Event Management
Don’t scrawl a note on the business card anymore. Scan a QR code and leave a note for follow-up. Then, you will get a contact list automatically in PureJOIN.
With PureJOIN, you can print tag with QR code and your exhibitors and attendees can build a relationship right away with your quick note. It is in the best interest of exhibitors, attendees and show organizers to utilize lead capture systems in the Tradeshow. Using PureJOIN generates a positive return on investment for each of these event parties:
Exhibitors invest time and money at an event. Exhibitors can track and follow-up potential customer with PureJOIN to turn into real business.
Attendees are expected to receive the information they want in a timely manner. PureJOIN helps them to get the latest news and promotions about their joined events. No need to carry around heavy papers on your shoulder. Marketing materials will be converted to digital, so simply download it from PureJOIN.
Show organizers can monitor and collect the data during the show with PureJOIN. It provides them with critical marketing data to assist in selling exhibit space and sponsorships at future events.

PureJOIN Offers:
•     Download and get started for free!
•     Scan QR code to get JOINs
•     Note a memo with interest level
•     Get an organized contact list automatically
•     Obtain information about trade show based on your business, and join through PureJOIN
•     Download marketing materials from PureJOIN
•     Export My Contact to work with your existing sales flow.