Nerium Biotechnology: Past, Present and EXCITED about the Future!
Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. and Nerium Skin Care, Inc. (NERIUM) has researched and developed patented processes, ingredients, and proprietary product formulations for over a decade. Our skin care and therapy products are fueled by our patent protected ingredient Nerium Aloe Extract (NAE-8), and our commercial farming operations, Nerium Farms provides the natural renewable biomass for research, ingredient extraction, and product development. NERIUM prides itself in controlling everything that goes into our product formulas. From “Seed to Seal” which includes the planting, cultivating, harvesting, extraction, blending of other ingredients, to bottling is overseen by our team of professionals. Everything from research to quality control is under the direction of NERIUM. In 2009 our rst proprietary formula of Nerium Cream (aka NeriumDerm) powered by our patented ingredient (NAE-8) was made available. Back in 2010 NERIUM made the decision about its patented protected ingredient (NAE-8) that instead of a medium powered all in one product formula it would start researching and developing high powered targeted formulations. We continued to test and create target specic product formulations. First on the list was a “Anti-Aging Night Cream” and in 2011 our targeted version of our NeriumAD Night Cream with our patented ingredient (NAE-8) and a proprietary formula was put through a 3rd party clinical before being oered for sale to the public. The 3rd Part Clinical and participants were lmed, and the results were o the charts. Everything from deep lines, ine lines, emerging lines, discoloration, age spots and so much more were measured in this clinical and the results showed from 18% to over 50% improvement in these areas in just 30 days. With this clinical validation NERIUM allowed its rst targeted specic product “Nerium Night Cream” to be brought to market also known as NeriumAD. Of course, over the years NERIUM has advanced the Night Cream Formula as well several times and will always continue to bring the most advanced and eect proprietary formulas to market. Real people have been so amazed at the results of NERIUM patented protected ingredient (NAE-8) and proprietary formulated products they have been reporting their amazing results all over social
media. Simply type in “NeriumAD before and after photos” in most search engines or most social media sites and then click on images and you will be blown away by all the photos taken and posted by real people. Everything from 5-day results to 30 day results to 90 days and beyond.
When you have a patented breakthrough ingredient (NAE-8) and proprietary formulas that work this well and this fast all you need to do is ask people to take a before picture then use the product
for 30 days and take a after picture. Instead of explaining and selling just show photos and take photos. Whether it is google, yahoo, Facebook or any major social media outlet you can search for before and after photos from real everyday people just like you and see how much of a dierence
NERIUM products have made. NERIUM will continue to research, develop, test, and advance all product formulas. At the same time NERIUM have developed other groundbreaking targeted products like NeriumAD Day Cream and NeriumFirm Contouring Cream that have proven to be a huge success in the market as well. Like the Night Cream the “Before and After” photos are all over social media. The NeriumFirm photos alone will make you want to get your hands on this rming cream powered by the pa  tented NAE-8 ingredient. These products have also evolved to more advanced formulations which are owned by NERIUM. A great example is our Day Cream that now has SPF. We have not stopped researching the targeted applications that our patented ingredient can be used in. We have also developed products like an Eye Serum, Acne Cream, Psoriasis Cream, Dermal Pain (Shingles relief) Spray, and Cold Sore Cream which are all proprietary formulas powered by our patented and proprietary ingredients. PURE will be releasing these proprietary formulations powered by NAE-8 this summer. NERIUM is the exclusive owner of the patents and all formulas ever used in our products and today, PURE is the only company in the direct sales industry that has the right to sell our advanced products with our patented ingredient (NAE-8) and proprietary formulas Any other company claiming to have formulations that include our patented ingredient is false. ONLY PURE has the license to market these advanced products in the direct selling space and no other company, owns Nerium’s patents, trademarks and any of our current or earlier product formulations, NERIUM has sole ownership. PURE also has the right to market these products internationally. Visit: https://bioskincell.com