Ebenezer Wellness, Inc. was formed in 2006 as a provider of holistic health services, focusing on nutrition. We start with the premise that we are Spirit, Soul (mind, emotion & will) and Body. We believe that toxic overload and nutritional deficiencies can interfere with the human body at each of these levels and that conversely, any of these areas can interfere with your body’s ability to do its natural job of repair and regeneration. These areas are intimately interwoven and they make up the complexity of what it means to be human.

Dr. Elizabeth Naylor is a speaker, author and CEO of Ebenezer Wellness.  Elizabeth blends her corporate experience with her life passion for wellness and delivers long-term strategies for healthy living to any audience.  She established Ebenezer Wellness, a corporate wellness and private practice focused on holistic nutrition in 2006. Her research centers around two areas: the role of food in prevention of disease, and the process of capacity building in the individual.  She holds a Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition plus credentials in Applied Clinical Nutrition, Certified Intrinsic Coaching, and Certified Valuations Specialist.  A thought leader in the field of wellness, Elizabeth speaks to groups throughout the North Texas region as well as nationally.

Elizabeth works with individuals to understand their health issues and the role of diet and lifestyle in supporting their vitality.  Using objective and subjective assessments, Elizabeth educates and coaches to support the client in finding their own motivation and answers.  She recognizes that there are two experts in the room – her expertise in holistic nutrition and the client’s expertise of themselves.  She supports the client with recommended diet changes, supplement advice, coaching to find their best thinking about their health issues and referrals for complementary healing modalities.