There are many artists and authors in this world who are desperately looking for ways to publish their material. Many of these illustrators would love nothing better than to be able to produce their own graphic novels and distribute via smartphone and tablet applications. But therein lies their biggest technological challenge, they are not software engineers and don't know the first thing about writing code, nor do we the public expect them to do that. Thus the technological barrier that these artists have to overcome are astronomical, and this is one of the reasons you do not find graphic novels on mobile devices. Purple Pixie Studio, through Dr. Linda Harley, is endeavoring to create a software solution within the next 5 years, that is going to make it possible for these artists to publish their work to mobile devices without having to learn a single line of code. By publishing to mobile apps this allows the artist to create an enhanced experience for the readers by incorporating sound, visual effects, game based decision making, into their already amazing content and thus give control to the reader in how the story progresses.  This is light years beyond what artists can do today in print form, and is one reason everyone is so excited about the gNovel.