Skateboarders, Artists, and Musics Come Together to Do Good Things
Push For Good exists to creating opportunities for kids to learn music, art and skateboarding from local and world-renowned industry leaders for little to no cost.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Jul2 2, 2016: As school cuts arts and physical education programs, a group of skateboarders, artists, musicians and companies are on a mission to join forces and invest their talents in the next generation. When you think of skateboarding, art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. You may think about the adrenaline, the excitement, etc. but many will first associate skateboarding with freedom of expression. However, to skaters, their style ad bag of tricks is their own individual art form.

There has always been an organic relationship between skateboarding and art. To the average person, a staircase might just be a way to get from one level to another. But, to a skater, this staircase is their canvas.

“Just as it requires patience, determination, and creativity to paint a portrait until it looks exactly how you want it to, or snapping a photo at just the right moment to get your shot, those virtues also apply to trying out a new trick and actually landing it successfully.” (ALEX GOMES, THE 20 BEST SKATEBOARDERS WHO ARE ALSO ARTISTS, GreenLabel.com)

With skateboarding continuing to grow in popularity, it’s tough not to pay attention. Grab any skateboard, flip it over, and you can see the art and thought that go into making a pro model graphics. Each and every board is unique. Then, there is the music. Pop in the latest skate video. The soundtrack of each video is carefully chosen to express each skater’s individuality. In every aspect, art, music and skateboard culture go hand in hand.

PUSH FOR GOOD is a movement to bring the skate, art & music community together to do good things for our local communities. It is a new organization established by long time skate industry couple Ulises & Toni Frallicciardi and Pro Skater and Musician Chuck Treece.

“Our hope it to engage the skateboarding community, artist, and musician to invest back into the next generation and to use their gifts to DO GOOD THINGS for the communities they live and skate in.”, says co-founder Toni Frallicciardi.

Join them as they kick off this new movement, Saturday, July 2nd at The Original Fat Cats, located at 320 SW 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Enjoy music from world-renowed musician and pro-skater, Chuck Treece. Check out art from artists like Blair Hess, Jenk http://jenkdude.com, Ruben Ubeira http:///www.urbanpopsoul.com, and others. Help PUSH FOR GOOD raise critical funding to kick off this national movement with raffles from sponsors like: PRS Guitars, DR Strings, Joy Joy Watches, Ludwig Drums, Pocket Pistols, Pusher Wheels, Ace Trucks. Vater Percussion, Jetty Apparel, Visions of Zion, Lake Skateboards, Grind for Life, Coffin Crew, Island Water Sports, Jay Ramps, Juice Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, For the Love, Tates Comics, The Whosoevers and more.

About Your Company: PUSH FOR GOOD is an effort to bring the skate-art-music communities together in an effort to bring youth  HOPE and #DoGoodThings for the future generation.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PushForGood
Instagram: @PushForGood
Web: PushForGood.com COMING SOON
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/christianskaters/push-for-good