BLAZT Entertainment Group LLC is an online entertainment and fashion conglomerate built upon a public driven multimedia platform. Finally, the entertainment and fashion world of independents no longer have to compete with the major corporate entities with money, power and respect. Why? The “Put It On BLAZT” community introduces an online experience, unseen or ever heard of, but driven by the public’s opinion. We combine a social networking environment (with the ultimate and dynamic features of the general/office profiles), an online radio station, television station, and digital magazine, which offer a broad scale of opportunity for the user to win the likings of the public. In addition, we include a few gifts such as our gaming arena and the lifestyle environment. Our goal is to lead the entertainment and fashion industry into the future by providing a medium that promotes public interaction; shares and relations; anticipation and expectation; and financial freedom.  

WWW.PUTITONBLAZT.COM – It’s where the public opinion counts!!!!