Putnam Pro- you get what you pay for and more! We have excellence and experience with pressure washing, home exterior painting, home & concrete staining, rodent removal, gutter cleaning, and handyman services. The benefits of Putnam Pro are undeniable and unmatched! We are insured and experts. We protect your investments and save you time and money. Best of all, Putnam Pro allows you to relax and not work!

Pressure Washing

With Putnam Pro, you get what you pay for. Also with Putnam Pro, you get expertise. Too little pressure and the grime is compacted deeper into the wood grain. Too much pressure causes surface etching. A pro, like Putnam Pro, knows when it’s not too hot and not too cold. We know when everything’s just right. Putnam Pro uses specific materials for spectacular results. Our Chemical Rinse is a very non-abrasive light pressure cleaning method in which is used on most tasks. The method is safe for new paint, new stain, vinyl siding, and wood surfaces. Reciprocally, our Power Wash is a more aggressive cleaning method which is used when a chemical rinse is ineffective. This method is always used on concrete, brick, metal and most stone with the exception of handcrafted stone. When you hire Putnam Pro, we are stocked with the latest gizmos and gadgets to do the job. When hiring a professional, we are ready to handle any unexpected developments. Would you be able to if you just rent a power washing machine from the local hardware store? And best of all, Putnam Pro is insured.

Home Exterior Painting and Deck Staining

If you want an effective and efficient paint job on the exterior of your home then don’t hesitate to hire Putnam Pro. We are trained to use methods and materials to maintain your home’s building design and improve its overall appearance with specific paints. Regularly painting the exterior of your home protects the structure from all types of weather as well as prevents costly siding replacement.  A professional paint job by Putnam Pro is the perfect choice to ensure the surfaces are prepped properly and then painted with utmost quality. Is the surface of your home’s paint job experiencing  fading, erosion, and / or peeling? These symptoms are indicators of when it’s definitely time to repaint even if your home was painted in the last several years. Not including the roof, doors, and windows, the entire exterior surface of your home should be regularly maintained to maintain an optimal seal between your home and outdoor elements. Putnam Pro selects your home’s exterior paint taking into consideration duration, protection, and coverage. Higher quality paints have a longer duration and require fewer coats which can be cost effective in the long haul. Putnam Pro preps the exterior of your home and may advise the removal of all mildew, algae, and grime buildup with a pressure washer prior to restoring worn surfaces. Once each step is complete, your home can finally be primed, painted, and ready to show-off!

Your deck is a valuable asset of your home, and keeping it in the best possible condition is prudent. Check your deck’s condition to determine the need for staining: (1) worn-out and withered but in good shape and without any rot. (2) check for cracks, splinters, or if the deck has cupped or warped. Allow Putnam Pro to suggest the best solutions when considering having your deck stained. Staining a deck is an optimal step in protecting you investment because staining keeps your deck looking beautiful longer. Deck staining restores your deck’s natural oils and protects it against weather such as sun and water that can damage the wood and lead to fungus and mold. Without staining, your wood deck is also susceptible to cupping, curling and cracking. If the job is a small to medium deck, Putnam Pro sticks to the brush-and-roller. If the deck is large to x-large, we will break-out the sprayer. If any of the decks have lattice work, we always use our sprayer. We always back-brush all spraying to keep runs out of the stain.

Handyman Services | Gutters Cleaner

Putnam Pro Handymen are available to complete odd jobs around your home. You can rest assured your Putnam Pro handyman is knowledgeable on repairing and installing practically anything they are contracted to perform and will complete every task according to industry standards. Save money by hiring a Putnam Pro Handyman to maintain your home and alleviate the stress of having to contract multiple service providers.

Twice a year, gutters should be cleaned to remove items that can cause gutter back-up and damage. Gutter cleaning increases flow which increases effectiveness. Debris-free gutters are less likely become damaged and leaky; therefore, regular maintenance is a proactive measure. Putnam Pro is experienced and has the methods and materials to properly clean gutters. We can clean gutters in a fraction of the time it may take a homeowner.