Puzzle Apparel offers the best value for a custom-made item with handmade materials, by selling direct to shoppers at prices comparable to major department stores.  Puzzle Apparel ecommerce shoppers design their pieces with components from expert craftsman and women.  They select style, size, and garment color, and then customize accent areas such as cuffs or collar, by choosing from handmade fabrics.

Marisol Trowbridge, founder and designer for Puzzle Apparel, is a former economic consultant and designer for major fashion retailers in NYC, such as Eileen Fisher and Ann Taylor.  She is always looking for ways to wear beautiful handmade fabrics without being over the top or limited to scarves.  Puzzle Apparel provides that happy medium.  It’s not your grandma’s craft - it’s a modern take on the luxury of the handmade.  www.puzzleapparel.com