If you use PCs, Macs or laptops for your business then we can be of help. We aim to be your IT department and to save you money. Whether you got an iPad from Christmas that you want help with or you have multiple offices, servers and networks then we can help.

We only support small businesses. Our service is tailored specifically for small businesses, and because of that, all of our clients are big to us.

We are a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist with a proven track record of providing outstanding IT support across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.

We know that two major concerns for businesses are ‘what exactly is my IT company spending all that money on’ and ‘why are we locked into a contract with a company that isn’t give us the support we need’. Puzzle-IT addresses both these with our non-contract based pre-paid support hours and our spending report that give you complete transparency on what we have used your hours for.