Motivational Media Productions is producing the PYP Freelance Business Development Summit, a one of a kind education event designed to empower, inspire and elevate freelance beauty and fashion professionals at every career level.

The PYP Summit caters to the very specific business needs of makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, manicurists and photographers. Whether you are starting your freelance career, re-launching or re-inventing yourself, every artist needs practical strategies to navigate today's competitive business environment. You need tools, not talk.

The PYP Freelance Business Development Summit was developed to offer advanced education for freelance professionals who seek to gain a real working knowledge of the industry and get more out of business education. More money, more fulfillment, more results!

The PYP Summit offers highly specialized classes that are not offered anywhere else!  At the summit you will hear about the topics that matter most to you, taught by experts who really live it.  These experts are not only creative talents but business leaders as well and they are passionate about sharing their experiences, successes and failures. Our primary goal is to deliver an unparalleled opportunity to get you refocused and recommitted to your purpose and to your goals.