Pyrolia is a designer, producer and publisher of multimedia-based digital
resources dedicated to speciic themes and aimed speciically for use on
smartphones, touchpads and related multimedia platforms.

Pyrolia was founded by Charles-Evrard Tchekhoff. With a strong background
in web and audiovisual ields , he assembled a team of artistic, technical and
commercial experts in order to launch the Pyrolia project in 2010.

All of Pyrolia’s editions are conceived on a multimedia basis right from the
outset and are tailor-made for destination platforms, making as much use as
possible of their inbuilt capabilities, operating systems, technical capacities,
interface, performance, etc.

All of Pyrolia’s editions are constructed using a common and progressive pro-
prietary process, enhanced by extensive R&D capacities. Future themes to be
covered include aviation, maritime, cinema and the arts.