Experience & Integrity At Work

A successful commercial Director, creative entrepreneur and Jack of all Trades, Tracy Allan left a lucrative production career to help launch a non-profit organization called AFYA.  Building the organization from the ground up with Founder & Executive Director, Danielle Butin, revealed an opportunity. Where do small businesses, non-profit organizations and content creators turn for high quality and cost-effective strategy and production services?  A vision began to take shape for a small-scale Agency that could offer strategic and brand development expertise alongside turn-key, crackerjack multimedia production services…a no-nonsense approach to supporting businesses large and small with care and integrity.  And an outlet for Tracy’s creative passions!

Meanwhile, Ryan Shaw was looking for a change.  A seasoned advertising executive with over 15 years of experience at the biggest and most rewarded NYC Agencies, Ryan was hankering to build something of his own.  Having launched and serviced many major brands over his career, Ryan understood the power of branding, the importance of customer insights and the ability of amazing creative to capture hearts and minds and drive real business results.  Ryan left  the Big Agency machine and joined forces with Tracy to launch Q36 Creative.

We Do

At Q36 Creative, we nurture brands, build businesses and create killer multimedia content.  We bring Big Agency experience and knowledge to a more nimble and customer-centric business model. We also offer soup-to-nuts production services from our fully resourced studio in White Plains, NY.