Qarde is the fastest and simplest way to send your contact information to anyone you meet. Store the personal info of your choice — including phone numbers, emails, Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, and more — in a QR code. You can even customize them for business or personal use, or for any social situation, so you’re prepared in every scenario. When it's time to share, open Qarde and let your new friend scan your phone — you've now immediately added your information to their address book!

Screenshots of the app can be found here: imgur.com/a/NQyqa#0
A website is currently being built at this address: getqarde.com
There’s even a video of it in action: youtu.be/h24NfHsJXh0

- Create a Qarde by choosing the information you want to share
- Share as much or as little as you like
- Personalize the info you share for new acquaintances, old friends, or business contacts
- Save, then print, email, or text them to anyone, whether near you or far away

- Clean, elegant, and modern design
- Add a photo to make your Qarde stunning
- Scan Qardes from other users and add their info to your contacts instantly
- Compatible with most alphabets, including English, Chinese, Japanese and more!

Qarde is a free app for iOS devices with OS 8.0 or higher, available here on the App Store in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese.